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Drilling Cost Reduction

Learn the fundamentals of reducing drilling costs from chartered engineer Steve Devereux.

Drilling Cost Reduction

Get access to our complete 12-module self-learning course now for a discounted $200. Study at your own pace and receive a certificate of completion at the end.

Drilling Cost Reduction: Module Overview

  • DCR 01: Introduction
  • DCR 02: The 5 Factors for reducing costs & detailed explanation of F5
  • DCR 03: F1&2: Maximise Progress and Minimise Problems
  • DCR 04: F3&4: Returns and Solutions
  • DCR 05: Logistics
  • DCR 06: Directional Drilling
  • DCR 07: Cement – Fluid Loss
  • DCR 08: Cement Design
  • DCR 09: Contracts General (optimisation to reduce cost and risk)
  • DCR 10: Contracts Specific (rig, mud and service contracts)
  • DCR 11: Mud Selection
  • DCR 12: Subsea Well Surface Casing Cement

About Your Instructor

Steve Devereux CEng FCIArb is a chartered engineer with over 46 years of experience spanning aviation, aerospace, and the oil and gas sectors. With a background as an Aeronautical Engineer, he’s worked in over 40 countries managing exploration drilling projects and has undertaken over 90 roles as Arbitrator and Expert Witness. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and has published two books on drilling, including “Practical Well Planning and Drilling Manual” and “Drilling Technology in Non-Technical Language”.